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[ 23 Aug 2014 | No Comment ]
Francois Century with Mountain top finish with Rodrigo

Hello Everyone !!!

This Sunday 8/24 (tomorrow), Francois will be doing a crazy century ride from home with a mountain top finish !!!
Because I’m lazy and enjoy my beauty sleep in the morning, I will only join Francois half-way through the ride.
Here’s the deal: Francois will start around 8:30 am from home and head to Leesburg:
Around noon he will be at the intersection of W&OD and Harrison st in Leesburg, where I will join him and complete the century, with a full mountain top finish at the top of fox …

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[ 2 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]
Computrainer sessions, Wednesdays @ Spokes in vienna

Hello all,

I've been doing computrainer winter training sessions @ spokes in Vienna for the past couple years and these are extremely fun way of keeping in shape during the winter

Wednesday’s session has 3 slots available. We start at 6 PM, but we need to be there in time to get ready by 6, i.e., around 5:30. 

Requirements for computrainer sessions:


* You need your bike

* You need a metal skewer for your rear wheel.  Most trainers come with one, so if you have a trainer at home, you may have one. If not, then …

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[ 27 Sep 2013 | No Comment ]
Bike Route


with the arrival of cold morning temperatures, I’m moving the rides to the afternoon.

Saturday, 1pm ride from Vint Hill (parking lot at Aiken & Kennedy)
Today we’ll do a flat ride around warrenton, starting from Vint Hill. We’ll go for about 3 hours on a pleasant ride on some of the flattest roads around

Sunday, 1pm ride from The Plains or Leesburg
Again on Sunday, I’ll ride from The Plains or Leesburg depending on requests. If you want to join this afternoon ride, please let me know your preference

As always, let me know …

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[ 20 Sep 2013 | No Comment ]
Bike Route II

Hello All,

This weekend, I’ll be riding, weather permitting, the 2013 Rappahannock Rough Ride ( )
This ride has a Saturday 10am start from Washington, VA, with cross (mix of paved and unpaved roads) and road (only paved) routes.

On Sunday, we’ll do a ride with an 11am start. The ride will either be from The Plains or Leesburg (pizza ride, with road and w&od options) depending on requests, so send me your vote !!!

As always, let me know if you’re coming so I can notify you of any last minute changes due to weather …

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[ 6 Sep 2013 | One Comment ]
Bike Route III

Hello All,

For this weekend, we’ll have a long ride (85 miles) from The Plains… Not quite a century but we could easily turn it into a century if you have a burning desire to do 100 miles… or shorten it if you want to limit to a metric century

The ride Lunch at Tula’s and takes us on a very scenic route south to Washington, VA where we’ll recharge at Tula’s off main ( ) then head back to The Plains
Start at 9:30am from rail tracks on Stuart St in The …

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[ 28 Aug 2013 | No Comment ]
Bike Route IV

Hello All,

For this long weekend, special plans:

Saturday, I’ll riding the Bay Country Century ( ).
We’re targeting an 8:30am start for the century route ( ).
This beautiful ride goes all the way to the beach with a great rest area right on the chesapeake beach. Other routes (25, 50 and 62 miles) available.

For Monday, we’ll be previewing the Rev3 Triathlon ( ) course in Columbia, MD
We’ll do the Olympic distance course ( ). We’ll do it one at race pace and, if still desire to ride more, once at leisure pace.
We’ll be departing …

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[ 23 Aug 2013 | One Comment ]
Bike Route V

Hello All !!!

This weekend promises to be a perfect weather bike riding weekend, so we’ll have two great rides.

On Saturday morning, we’ll start at 9am from Stuart St in The Plains ( ) for a 64 mile Blue Ridger Backwards:

A fun day with two long climbs in the first half of the ride, and a fast flatter second half back to The Plains

On Sunday, it’s the return of the famous pizza ride !!!!

Start is from Harrison St in Leesburg, by the W&OD ( ), and we’ll split in two groups. …

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[ 16 Aug 2013 | No Comment ]
Weekend riding in Haymarket

This weekend promises to be a great riding weekend, a bit cold, but only arm warmers required.
The plan is to start riding from The Plains at 10am. Park on Stuart St, by the rail tracks ( ).

We'll be riding about 60 miles, with route options:

Hilly ride:


Southern option:

Any route you choose, come by and we'll figure it out in the morning

Pace will be moderate, it's a long ride, enjoying the sights and sounds of early fall

See you tomorrow !!!


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[ 19 Jul 2013 | No Comment ]
Haymarket weekend rides

Hello All !!!

For this weekend, I'm planning several options for weekend riding:

We'll start at 10am from either The Plains or Marshall, depending on popular choice… send in your vote for what ride you want on Saturday and Sunday:

See you on the road this weekend !!!

– Rodrigo

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[ 12 Jul 2013 | One Comment ]
Weekend rides… Saturday, 10am from Vint Hill, Sunday TBD

Hello All !!!

After a trip to the rockies where I did a LOT of climbing, including the mighty Mt Evans at 14,000ft, it's time to hit the flats and go fast

Tomorrow at 10am, I'll be riding from Vint Hill for a Triple-F ride…. Fun, Fast and Flat !!!!

You can check out the route at
We have water/food stops after 23 and 48 miles, so we won't run out of water or food on this one… unless there are crosswinds and we gunning to leave Froome behind sorry for the …

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[ 7 Jun 2013 | No Comment ]
Saturday 10:30am fast and flat ride from Vint HIll…

Hello All !!!

The sorm should be moving out of our area during the night, so join us tomorrow for a fast and flat ride from vint hill.

With only 2k ft of climbg for 50 miles, this ride will be a quick one :

We'll start this ride at 10:30am from Vint HIll and go for mexican lunch afterwards

Please let me know if you plan on joining us as we might adjust the start time depending on weather.

See you tomorrow,

– Rodrigo

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[ 11 May 2013 | No Comment ]
Reverse blue ridge ride from the Plains, Sunday at 11am

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow will be another cool spring day, but it will be a sunny sunday !!

The route will take us up naked mountain and then mt weather where we'll stop at the bluemont store. The way be will be a fast and very scenic one, getting us back to The Plains on Airmont rd and then Rockeby-Rectortown-Frogtown for a very fast sprint on 55 to The Plains.

For more route details, cue sheet and download file for your garmin:

Meetup is by the rail track in The Plains at 11am

See you tomorrow,

– …